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Thorough and Efficient Decision-Making

When I was a Commissioner, I spent hours before each meeting studying the issues on the agenda, talking with city staff, reaching out to experts in other cities, talking with residents and more so I was prepared to have a robust discussion - and then act - come meeting time.

I'll not only be ready to make decisions, but more importantly, I'll be ready to steer decisions. As I did before, I won't wait to see what is on the agenda. I'll explore creative ideas to move our city forward, bring them to my fellow Commissioners and help shape the future of our city.

We also need a strong plan for how to manage our city's expansive financial reserves, which far exceed state-suggested levels. Each year that the rate of inflation exceeds the interest rate on our investments, we are "spending" money and not getting anything for it. We don't need to spend down our reserves, but we need to have a conversation every year about whether there are projects worth doing that are better than watching our hard-earned and saved money lose its buying power. 

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Scott Long, non-partisan candidate for Safety Harbor City Commission.
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