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Properly Address Parking

We all have an opinion on parking. 

What we don't have as a community is hard data on parking, and we can't make proper decisions based on opinions alone. 

Fortunately, we live in a time where technology exists to get us that badly needed data. We just need Commissioners willing to get it. I am. 

By contracting with a company to place tiny sensors on all of our city's public parking spaces, our city can acquire accurate data on what percentage of our parking is used at any given time, letting us know for sure whether we have a parking problem and, if so, where is it the worst. That information is crucial to have before we even begin to debate whether we need more parking lots or a parking garage and, if so, the most strategic location for them.

But there's another exciting element to that - that real-time data can also be shared in an app that residents and visitors can use to find every available public parking space at any time. 

We need Commissioners willing to use the many advancements in technology to address our city's challenges. 


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Scott Long, non-partisan candidate for Safety Harbor City Commission.
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