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Focus On Safety Harbor's Future

We have it good in Safety Harbor. We've had it good here for sometime now. But we can't assume it will always be as easy as it has been. It's time to start looking toward our future.

Our upcoming budget cycle will be the most challenging one since the 2008 recession. Property values are leveling off and our city employees are due for much needed raises.

But beyond that, we have issues that haven't gotten the appropriate attention from our Commission because they are not yet problems. The best time to address problems, like housing affordability, sustainability and sourcing new revenue to balance our budget, is before we need to. Our current five Commissioners, including my opponent, have served a combined 53 years. They've all served with honor and commitment, but it is easy after that much time for complacency to set it. New ideas and new passion like I have is vital for our city to anticipate and address concerns before they become problems.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Scott Long, non-partisan candidate for Safety Harbor City Commission.
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