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Here are the most important issues to me. I promise I’ll always make decisions that are in the best interest of all of Safety Harbor:

Focus On Safety Harbor's Future

We have it good in Safety Harbor. We've had it good here for sometime now. But we can't assume it will always be as easy as it has been. It's time to start looking toward our future.

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Properly Address Parking

We all have an opinion on parking. 

What we don't have as a community is hard data on parking, and we can't make proper decisions based on opinions alone. 

Fortunately, we live in a time where technology exists to get us that badly needed data. We just need Commissioners willing to get it. I am. 

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Properly Manage Economic Growth

Safety Harbor is at an inflection point. 

When my wife and I moved here 22 years ago, our downtown was sputtering. Fast forward to today, and our city is flourishing with dozens of new businesses that have created a vibrant downtown that people want to visit often and a robust industrial park that offers them good jobs if they move here. That growth has not only made Safety Harbor and exciting place to live and visit, but it's also helped keep our tax rate as one of the lowest in Pinellas County.

But we now have to look to the future and find ways to balance this growth with the challenges that come with it.  

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Constantly Improve Our Quality of Life

Safety Harbor is an exceptional place in which to live. We need Commissioners who actively look for ways to make life in Safety Harbor even better.

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Thorough and Efficient Decision-Making

When I was a Commissioner, I spent hours before each meeting studying the issues on the agenda, talking with city staff, reaching out to experts in other cities, talking with residents and more so I was prepared to have a robust discussion - and then act - come meeting time.

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Impassioned Constituent Service

The most important role a City Commissioner has is being as accessible as possible to their constituents. I took that role seriously when I first served you and I will do so again. I connected with residents in ways no Commissioners ever have before.

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